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Script Samples



Act 1, Scene 1

A crisp autumn evening outside Stilton's Restaurant located in Greenwich Village.

Au Petite Beurre-1_edited.jpg


Act 2, Scene 1

Outside Au Petite Beurre and later at the Badger- Yates Publsihing offices.

Boarding House.png


Act 2, Scene 7

Gilbert's Studio and later in Lily & Dot's room at the boarding house.

Character Breakdown

Lilian Lamont (Lily): Female, early to mid 20s. Smart, daring, eager, determined and head strong. Lesbian.

Annabelle Jones (A.B. Jones): Female, early 50s. Smart, steadfast, tried and true but curious. Widowed.

Dorothy Murphy (Dot): Female, early 20s. Lily’s roommate. Artist, girlie, flirtatious, activist, tends to mother. Queer.

Bernard Badger (Bernie): Male, late 50s, Annabelle’s publisher. Quirky, powerful, loyal.

Claire Dennison: Female late 30’s. Mr. Badger’s secretary. Intelligent, consistent, brave, empowers other women.

** Lenard Ayers (Lenny): Male, early 30’s, library clerk. Genuine, friendly, eager to learn and is part of the public library movement.

** Thomas Miller (Tom): Male, early 30’s. Assistant Manager Macy’s. Insecure, charming know it all, cocky, competitive.

Gilbert Wilkinson: Male, 40-50. Famous vaudeville sketch writer. Bombastic, arrogant, falsely charming with an edge of smarminess.

**Lenny and Tom can be played by the same actor

Derreck Courveau.png
Elise Murphy Mulligan - David Hamilton.jpeg

Top picture: (L) Ellen Atwood (R) Deborah Mott

Middle pictures: (L)Derek Corriveau,

(R-Top) David Hamilton (R-Bottom) Elise Murphy Mulligan

Bottom Picture: Veronique Hurley

Ellen Atwood, Deb Mott-Blackstone.jpeg
Elise Murphy Mulligan - Rachel Babcock.png
Deb Mott-Rehearsal_edited.jpg

From (L) to (R):  Ellen Atwood, Kelly DiMauro, Geoffrey Blanchette , (Top) Elise Murphy Mulligan (Bottom) Rachel Babcock, Deborah Mott

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